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1- Creation of a specialized company in the field of exporting products of modern trading subsidiaries in line with resistance economy.
2- Organizing orders through a comprehensive order registration system.
3- Increasing capital and profitability of the company with 20% annual growth.
4- Creating the infrastructure for purchasing products from domestic companies and providing the goods needed by customers and responding to requests in the shortest possible time.
5- Developing and increasing the share of target markets in Asian, African and European countries.
6- Creating a market research unit (MR) to analyze target markets.
7- Compilation of comprehensive advertising programs and infrastructures for presence in international markets.
8- Establishment of new international offices of the company in target markets.
9- Establishing international communication in order to transfer the technology of producing competitive goods with superior and unique technology for the growth of the country's exports.
10- Developing products, goods and completing the portfolio of export goods in the three fields of steel, petrochemical and construction
11- All-round reform and strengthening of the company's financial system.
12- Provision of required financial resources and collection of claims.

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